About Tony Coluzzi 

Since the age of fourteen, Tony Coluzzi has been a photographer avidly shooting, processing and printing all manner of photographs in color and black & white. He worked as a professional advertising photographer in California's Silicon Valley for many years.

In 1992, he discovered infrared black & white film and has found his special artistic expression in this medium ever since. Infrared photography produces soft focus images that are more aligned with Pictorialism than with the traditional f64 Club West Coast style made famous by Ansel Adams.

Capturing the special quality of light in the landscape is Tony Coluzzi's goal as a photographer. "For me, the quality of light is the essential element I am looking for when viewing my surroundings to capture an image. Any subject is fair game when I see the special light."

Although Tony is a master of the traditional darkroom, he is experimenting with new technology and merging the two together in his own special way. While still photographing using black & white film, he is printing digitally to get some of the effects of a softer, more subtle rendition of light and its influence on how we see.

It has been challenging for Tony to both capture his traditional style while digitally producing the final image. "I am keeping each foot in both approaches while exploring the exciting possibilities of the new digital world."

Contact Information

E-mail: tonycoluzzi@yahoo.com
Telephone: (650) 965-2056

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